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November 2017

Accessorize Your Garden

Garden décor has become as important to a garden as the plants themselves. If your garden requires a little love and you’re not really sure what to do, consider refreshing it with new garden decor – the same way you would change the cushions in your house when your sofa needs a lift.

With the variety of garden decor available today it may be confusing knowing what to choose. It’s important to recognize whether or not your garden and your décor are in a harmonious state. For example, if you have a formal garden, displaying a quirky sculpture or a garden gnome will not compliment this setting. Finding the perfect balance between your garden and its décor isn’t difficult if the décor makes sense and fits in with its surroundings.

Statuary is a very common element of garden décor. Whether it’s in the form of a bust or of wildlife it’s important to place them where they appear to belong. For example, if you have a sculpture of a Majestic Heron it’s best to place this décor in a setting where you might find this bird naturally – around a pond, water feature, rocks, logs and tall grasses. A sculpture of a bust form looks great in a formal or English style garden – think of the beautiful gardens of Versailles and try to imagine what type of statues you would find there. Garden décor also adds an element of surprise to your garden. Smaller garden sculptures can be slightly hidden or tucked away amongst your plants for you to discover along your journey, inviting your eyes to search to more treasures.

Another popular garden accessory is the bird house. What a great way to invite the beauty of song to your garden. Learning about the different species of birds in your area is a great hobby for you and your children to participate in. There are many different styles of bird houses and bird feeders available on the market so there is no doubt the perfect one for your garden. Once you have invited the birds to your garden treat them with a refreshing bird bath. You and your family will enjoy watching birds play and splash about all summer long.

Garden décor can also be extended to the perimeters of your garden such as your fence. A fence, like a wall in your home, is a great location for outdoor art such as metal or wooden sculptures. You may also attach hanging lanterns and decorative brackets with potted plants to your fence posts which is an excellent way to extend the colour in your garden and really makes a statement.

So have fun with your garden this year and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize.

Finding the Right Fit For Your Garden

Designing and decorating your garden can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a home. It gives you an opportunity to create a unique space that suits your style and personality. Additionally, there are countless ways for you to shape your garden. Maybe you want to turn a portion of it into a vegetable garden?

Perhaps you enjoy hosting social gatherings and want ample garden furniture? Maybe you would like a garden fountain or pond as a place to relax? Designing your garden allows you the opportunity create your own vision. While this freedom is wonderful, it can also make the task of finding the right garden decor seem a little overwhelming. Here are a few ideas to help you find the right decor for your yard.

1. It is a good idea to have a sketch of the layout that you envision. By actually seeing everything on paper, you can get a better idea of how the different elements of your garden compliment each other. In addition to sketching out the big sections of your garden such as garden furniture and fountains, add some placeholders for your garden decor. Knowing where you want to put something ahead of time can help make the process much easier once you do find that piece that you love.

2. Think about ways to improve the look of each section of your garden. For instance, just because you might have a vegetable garden take up a portion of your yard, that doesn’t mean your vegetable garden has to look like a farm. Finding the right pieces of garden decor, such as a garden stake, can add an element of style and design to all parts of your garden.

3. Try to find pieces of garden decor that compliment each other. You don’t necessarily need to have one overriding theme in your garden, but you also don’t want to make too many statements either. Having some rustic country garden decor in one section of your yard with pink flamingos in another, and some contemporary Japanese garden ornaments in another section can potentially be a distracting sight. Try to remember that your decor should be an accessory to your garden.

4. Don’t forget to add lighting to your garden. From torches to solar lit garden ornaments, lighting can not only accent your garden decor, but it can be a critical element of your decor by itself.

The most important thing to remember when searching for garden decor is to have fun! While it can be a little overwhelming at times, designing and decorating your garden is something that most people get a great deal of joy and satisfaction from.

Some Tips to Bring Your Garden in Harmony With the Plants

Whatever the style of your garden, enhancing your lawn and garden decor with garden ornaments is a great way to complement the plants and bring a mature feel to any garden or back yard.

Terracotta pots on patios and terraces will enhance a Mediterranean arrangement, Classical statues and fountains will make a formal garden come alive and statues of an oriental divinity will effectively evoke a Japanese garden.

Features to Surprise

Some elements of surprise are welcome with any lawn and garden decor. A birdbath or a bird table installed at a turning in a path can be particularly eye catching.

For a touch of humor, place statues and ornaments in out of the way and out of the ordinary places. Tuck a tall bird statue away behind a clump of bamboos and let bronze frogs, snakes and hedgehogs cross a terrace or lurk in low ground cover. Allow a few jolly clay piglets to tumble down a flight of steps.

For a touch of romance, a shy nymph looks especially charming in any lawn and garden decor when glimpsed through sprays of roses and ivy.

Distracted by a Statue

An ornament urn or a statue placed slightly off center at the end of a lawn will make the garden appear larger and draw attention away from any shortcomings it may have.

Creating a Background

An evergreen backdrop to a statue or a fountain will make it stand out. The use of ivy, yew or box are especially effective for your lawn and garden decor.

Frost Resistance

Unless your containers are frost proof, make sure you bring them inside during the winter months. Those with garland decoration are particularly vulnerable as water can seep behind the garlands and freeze causing them to crack and flake off.

Raising The Level

When standing a potted plant inside a deep terracotta jar, raise it to the level of the rim of the jar by standing it on an upturned flower pot hidden inside the jar.

Solar Garden Decor – Energy Saver

Are you looking for the best garden decor for your garden but won’t affect your energy consumption? There are actually numerous types of garden decors that you could buy for your garden for decorations but some of them are electricity operated which could cost you money. For best option when it comes to garden decors, solar garden decors would be the right choice. Because of the advanced technology that we have nowadays, solar materials were invented to help us save energy. The earth today is suffering from energy shortage. For us to help save energy, solar energy savers were introduced to us.

If we want to help save our Mother Earth, we need to use those materials that would help us save energy. That’s why it is one of the trendy fashions when it comes to decorating garden that most garden designers are crazy about. These are available in different styles, designs, and even colors. So make sure that you choose the right designs and style for your garden.

Aside from saving energy, they are also environmentally friendly. All you needed is the energy from the sun for it to work. There’s no need of electricity or any other energy source. The length of its function depends on the time it was exposed under the sun. They need to be charged under the sun for a long time if you want them to work longer as well. They also come in different sizes depending on the type of style you want to have.

But before you buy any of these solar garden decor, it’s better that you have a good knowledge about how they work and what are the benefits aside from saving energy. You can read articles, books, or even testimonials for information. Or, if you want, you could ask someone who you know that has an experience using them. Ask them how they benefit from using solar garden decor? For sure, they would be good news especially when it comes to energy consumption.

For easy access to shops selling them, it’s always good to check the internet first since it has a wide assortment of choices of garden decors. All you need is to click your mouse if you want to access one site if you want to order online. Just fill out the form provided and follow the following instructions and your good to go.

Great Reasons To Get Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass has become more and more common over the past few decades. Though many assume that this is primarily for sports fields, an increasing number of homeowners are discovering the beauty and ease of installing artificial turf on their property. Imagine designing the lawn of your dreams, exactly as beautiful as you imagine it, and having it stay that way all year long! And with many retailers out there, this is an incredible way to achieve just that. Read for more in-depth benefits.

1. Very Little Upkeep

One of the constant struggles of owning a home is keeping the lawn looking fresh. The traditional variant requires regular watering, fertilizer, mowing, and more, and that’s not even considering the patches that need to be filled in during streaks of dry weather. With synthetic grass, all of the above work becomes unnecessary. Oftentimes, infill material is used to take the place of the natural soil, which means that even dirt becomes much less of an issue than normal. The only upkeep needed is the occasional cleanup of tracked dirt and dust, easily accomplished with a hose and a small amount of time. In rainy regions, even this unnecessary.

2. Forever Green

Especially in temperate climates, a traditional lawn is exposed to extremes in temperature, from the burning during dry spells to eventually dying for the winter. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, remains mostly unaffected by the snow and the heat. This means that your lawn will stay beautiful, just the way homeowners like it, all year long, with very little effort on the part of the owners!

3. Versatility

There’s a good reason why artificial turf has been increasingly used for homes, sports fields, and parks alike. That’s because it is highly customizable in every aspect. Retailers will generally allow for custom length, material, color, and other factors. Temperature-controlled materials are often available for athletic fields and other places that see heavy physical contact. All of this means that anybody can create a distinctive style; the inclined homeowner could even turn the backyard into a golf green.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Consumer concern about environmental damage is completely valid, and manufacturers are paying attention, changing their production processes to leave minimal impact on the surrounding area. At present, commonly used materials in synthetic grass and infill include recycled rubber, organic compounds such as cork and fiber, and sand. All have been demonstrated to have little to no impact on the environment. On top of such practices, artificial turf drastically reduces water usage – in 2010, between four and eight billion gallons of water were saved by sports fields using alternative materials. It also reduces emissions from lawnmowers, and cuts down on the grass clippings, which make up the third largest component of landfill waste.

Light Up the Outside

While we tend to focus quite a bit on our interior lighting designs, often we forget that the outdoors is just screaming for attention too. Did you know that with a few small additions and strategic placements of lighting you can completely transform your outdoors? It’s a way of bringing the indoors outside and creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

So if you’re ready to add “exterior lighting” to your list of DIY projects, then you’re going to want to check out these ideas.

Using LED Strip Lights

If you have a deck, patio, or trees in your backyard then you’ll definitely want to check out LED strip lights. These handy lights come in a strand or strip, and can be found in a variety of colours or just plain white if you’d rather. You can find ones that are waterproof, dimmable, and are extremely easy to “install”.

The way these work is that you wrap the strip around, or place it along an item. A popular option is to place these on deck railings, along the bottom of the deck to light the under part of it, wrap them around trees, and on pillars. While these don’t give off a lot of light, they add interest and highlight areas of your exterior.

Using LED Downlights

While you may not be familiar with the term “LED downlight” you may have heard of recessed lighting? They are actually one in the same. These are light fixtures that are recessed into the structure or space. Homeowners love LED downlights on overhang rooves and porches. The idea is that you place it in the “ceiling” of the area you wish to light. Sometimes these lights can swivel, which allows you to direct the light.

Using LED Spotlights

Another popular option is to use LED spotlights outdoors. These kinds of lights are waterproof and can be used year-round, regardless of the conditions. You can position the lights so that they highlight a large mature tree, a particular shrub in your garden, a gazebo, your home, or anything else you want to draw attention to. Just like the LED strip lights, you can purchase these in a variety of colours, which makes it ideal for holiday use.

Use Your Imagination

When it comes to exterior lighting it’s a great opportunity to use your imagination and highlight those areas of your exterior that you’re really proud of.

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